Property Management and Real Estate Services


As the vendor, it is your responsibility to pay a sales commission to the real estate agent for successfully selling your home. The commission that.

Whether you’re determining the best time to put your home on the market, estimating how long it will take to sell, or planning your move, consider all the best times of year people decide to buy homes and make your decision. 

Before putting your home up for sale, you’ll want to give careful consideration to current market conditions. Understanding the market in which you’re selling will help you avoid issues and maximize profit.

When selling a home, it’s important you disclose to potential buyers anything you are aware of in your home.  Nobody likes “getting the raw end of a deal” when it comes to buying a home, car, or anything for that matter.  If you’re aware of defects with a roof, appliance, or home in general, you’re always going to be better off being honest and upfront.

Most home owners want to know how much their home is worth. One of the best perks to owning a home is the ability to make it your own and improve it how you’d like. Finding out how much your home is worth is not something that should be done without asking a top local Realtor. We even help make a few suggestions that we know can increase your home value.


Inspections are another common contingency that buyer’s make their purchase offers subject to.  There are many different types of inspections and tests that a buyer has the right to perform.  In most cases, inspections are at the expense of the buyer.  There is a specified number of days to complete the inspections given to the buyer. We can help!