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Do you dream of having your own investment property? 


With “56%, Alberta boasts Canada’s highest home ownership rate among those aged 25 to 35”. That means the idea of having a strong asset to build your future on and generating consistent monthly income while taking advantage of today’s low-interest rates is a good one, particularly if you’re new to the industry. 


Let’s take a look at the advantages of investing in Calgary rentals and how you can start the process of investing for your future. 


What are the Advantages of Owning a Calgary Rental? 


  • Receive regular monthly income – the rent you collect, minus your expenses, means a steady, predictable flow of cash flow. You can use the extra funds to pay off your investment property. You can even use it as an Airbnb investment if you wish. 
  • Asset appreciation – There is no guarantee that your property will increase in terms of value, but historically, real estate has appreciated over time. That means you’re making money off your asset in future. 
  • Tax deduction – Play your cards right, and you can deduct specific expenses from your gross rental income. These can include property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, property management fees and even utility bills. 
  • Vacation spot – Imagine taking a few days off and enjoying a break somewhere? That’s what you can get when it comes to your new rental property. 

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How To Buy a Calgary Rental


If you ready to take the plunge into the investment market for the first, here is how you can go about getting your dream property: 


  1. Get your finances in order – Determine what you can afford to buy, seeing if you have enough in terms of a minimal down payment (Canada’s mortgage rules dictate that you need a minimum of 20% for a small rental property) 
  2. Assemble a team of experts to assist you – You can’t do the work yourself. Bring together a real estate agent, mortgage broker, lawyer, property management company, home inspector and insurance agent. 
  3. Research what you can afford – Whether it’s a condo rental or a house in Calgary, consider what you can afford and what you can buy. 
  4. Choose your mortgage and insurance – Your rental property is a valuable asset, so it needs some financial backing to make it work. Speak to your mortgage and insurance broker to determine the best rates for your budget.
  5. Hire a property manager – If you don’t have the time to respond and manage your Calgary rental property, then leave it to a professional that can. It’s not overly expensive to bring on board a professional company. 
  6. Learn about landlord/tenant laws – Alberta has some strict landlord/tenant laws that promote fair rental practices for both sides. It’s best if you know about them so that you know what your rights and responsibilities are. 


Owning a rental property can be a lucrative proposition that secures your future. But it does take a lot of work, research and planning. If you plan to buy an investment property, take the time to ensure that the research backs your claim. 


At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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What benefits does a furnished apartment include? The most significant advantage is that it costs much less to stock your apartment because it already comes with all of the necessities. With a Calgary furnished rental, you don’t have to worry about as much.

Furnished Rentals Are Good for Travelers

Let’s say that you plan to live in Calgary for a short time such as six months to a year. In those cases, it doesn’t make sense to go out and buy a new bed and a refrigerator because you will have to leave it behind soon after. A property management Calgary company can help you to find a furnished apartment that will meet your needs for your short stay in the city.

Furnished Rentas Are Less Expensive

Instead of having to buy everything right away, a property management company can hook you up with a furnished apartment so that you don’t have to pay as much right away. You can slowly accumulate your own furniture and appliances over time until you are ready to move into an unfurnished rental or perhaps buy a house.

Furnished Rentals Are Perfect for Procrastinators

Furnished apartments are great because you don’t have to worry about going out and buying everything for your house. A Calgary rentals company that has furnished rental options eliminates the wasted time from your busy schedule, especially when you’d rather be doing anything other than furniture shopping.

Furnished Rentals Don’t Require an Extensive Move

Another advantage of rental companies that offer furnished rentals is that you don’t have to move everything from your current place. After all, it doesn’t make sense to have two of everything in your new home. In most cases, you might find it beneficial to leave old furniture behind — especially if you plan to stay in your new place for a while.

If you’d like to learn more about furnished rentals, you should speak with a property management company in Calgary. They can help you find the perfect hassle-free furnished property.

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Managing a property is more involved than people often think. It can even be a full-time job depending on the size of your property. Good property management companies come alongside you to handle the details of Calgary property management. This includes things like showing properties, drawing up leases, handling maintenance, dealing with complaints, processing rent payments, and much more. In addition, they have an extensive network of trusted electricians, plumbers, and other professionals who can perform repairs efficiently to help keep your tenants happy.

Calgary Property Management Companies Provide Valuable Services

Property management companies stay up-to-date on the legal requirements of renting a property and keep your tax and legal records in order. This helps protect you from potential lawsuits. They also carefully screen applicants to find you the best tenants possible. Keeping your property rented as much as possible to tenants likely to take care of it is a great way to protect your investment.

Property Management Companies Protect Your Investment

Mountains of paperwork alone can suck up all your time if you’re trying to manage a rental. Property management companies free you from most of the paperwork, not to mention late-night calls, weekend move-outs, and the many other activities of property management. This frees you up to spend time doing the things that are important to you.

Calgary Property Management Frees You to Focus on More Important Things

Save yourself time, hassle, and wasted energy by hiring a property management company to manage your rental property. Get the management you deserve with professional Calgary property management.

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will take all the hassle away from you when it comes to property management. Let us handle what you don’t want to, and you just enjoy the benefits.


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You want your rental property to perform well and generate income. Hiring a property management company can help you achieve your goals, but it also costs money. How do you know when it’s worth the price? Here are four signs that your rental needs professional Calgary property management. Continue reading “4 Signs Your Rental Needs Professional Property Management”

A good rental property can provide a steady flow of extra income, but it can also be a real pain. Managing a rental property yourself forces you to deal with evictions, bug infestations, broken toilets, and all kinds of headaches. Unfortunately, working with an inexperienced property management company doesn’t make things better, and may make the situation worse. Protect your rental property by finding an experienced Calgary property management company.

Questions to Ask Property Management Companies

As you begin to look at property management companies, make sure you are getting an experienced company who can handle the demands of your rental property. Here are some questions to ask when considering a company:

  • How many years of experience do you have managing rental properties?
  • What types of properties do you manage the most?
  • How many Calgary rentals are you currently managing?
  • How many people work for your company?
  • How do you handle after-hours emergencies?
  • What’s your process for finding good tenants?
  • How do you advertise vacancies?
  • How do you show properties?
  • How do you handle evictions?
  • How will you improve the profit margin on my Calgary rentals?
  • How do you control maintenance costs?
  • What is your fee structure?
  • Are you licensed as a property management company?
  • What kind of liability insurance do you carry?

Experienced Calgary Property Management

In addition to the above questions, you’ll want to get at least three references to talk to about the property management companies. Experienced companies are a valuable asset because they not only save you a lot of trouble but with their connections and expertise, they usually get the job done in the most efficient manner. Protect your property from inexperienced managers by working with a professional Calgary property management company.

Unison Realty is a full-service property management company dedicated to preserving your rental and the stress of being a landlord.

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Owning a rental property is a lot of work, but can be a worthwhile investment. A rental property management company saves you a lot of time and hassle, but here are ten additional features that can make you more money on your unfurnished rentals in Calgary.

Top Ten Features of Calgary Rentals

  • Neighborhood – The location of the rental influences how often you face vacancies and the type of tenants you attract.
  • Schools – Calgary rentals near decent schools are likely to have a higher property value.
  • Property taxes – These are not standard. It may be worth paying higher taxes for a rental in a nice neighborhood, but that’s not always the case.
  • Crime – Low crime rates make neighborhoods better places to live, and reduce the risk you’ll have to pay for damage due to vandalism.
  • Job market – A thriving job market increases the demand for housing, meaning more opportunity for tenants.
  • Amenities – Parks, gyms, movie theaters, and other perks tend to attract potential tenants if they are close to your Calgary rentals.
  • Future development – An area with good growth is likely to attract tenants, but too much new housing provides competition.
  • Listings and vacancies – A low number of listings and vacancies for a particular area allows you to raise rental rates.
  • Rent – The average rent of an area should be enough to cover your rental property’s mortgage payment and other expenses.
  • Natural disasters – Rental properties in areas not prone to natural disasters have less insurance to carry, which tends to make them more profitable.

Work with a Rental Property Management Company

A rental property management company promotes and maintains your rental property. This not only saves you a lot of headaches, but is an efficient and effective way to get the most out of your unfurnished rentals in Calgary.

Unison Realty is dedicated to helping you find your next home. We offer property management and home staging services to attract the right tenants and keep your property looking it’s best!

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If you’re thinking about selling your home, it can significantly help to have an experienced, qualified and seasoned real estate broker on your side. A real estate company can ensure that you list your property for an amount that is close to its valuation. Hiring a real estate broker can ensure that your home is sold for the right price and that you will not be undersold. Real estate agents can also provide guidance and expert advice if you have any questions during the selling process.

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Using a property manager can be very beneficial for your residential and rental property management. In fact, it can add some significant value to your investment too. Here are a few advantages described in details.

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