Property Management and Real Estate Services

Jason Doyle

About Jason

If you were to ask Jason what his favourite part about being a Certified Residential Property Manager was, a typical reply would include an explanation on how he gets to use his positive and unique approach to add value to an owner’s investment. Tenants under his care are ensured to have a peaceful enjoyment of their tenancy from start to finish.


Jason has a strong ability to navigate individuals through multiple areas of the residential property management process; from first timer’s and seasoned renters interested in our Residential Lease agreement, to owner’s wondering about our property management services and property boarding process. Being a time-oriented person, Jason takes the time to capture the necessary details in the very beginning phases of interactions with clients. He feels this is key to maintaining healthy client relationships, which in turn leads to the long-term success of investment properties within his portfolio.


When taking time for himself, Jason can be found trying to keep up with his two amazing daughters. When its time to recharge from the day, he’s often reading and learning about all things mechanical, from highly modified modern supercars to vintage and antique timepieces.

What do you like most about working for Unison?
The aspect I like most about working for Unison is how I get to be exposed to so many different people, each with their own story that I get to share a small part in as I help them find their next home. I find the way I am most supported by Unison Realty is the office staff, which through their skills and dedication, I am free to focus my energies on our client’s needs and wants for their homes.