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Michael Lazarowich

Micheal Lazarowich
Michael Lazarowich
Property Manager/Realtor
About Michael

Introducing Michael Lazarowich, a proud Calgarian, born and raised. Having witnessed Calgary’s economic ups and downs, from the ’80s crash during his childhood to the exponential growth in the 90’s and the Real Estate boom of the mid-2000’s, and the subsequent crash in 2008, Michael has developed a deep and personal connection to this vibrant city. He possesses a genuine love for Calgary, its people, and its diverse communities. Michael’s passion lies in understanding the nuances of the Calgary residential Real Estate market.


Michael’s career is a testament to his commitment to the city. He has built a diverse portfolio, including numerous property management contracts, as well as assisting clients with buying and selling their properties. He is guided by the belief that a thriving real estate market can contribute to a thriving community. His mission is to provide top-notch Real Estate services while helping clients make informed decisions about their investments.


His path to the real estate industry is shaped by a background in the restaurant world. Michael began as a young waiter in some of Calgary’s most renowned dining establishments. Over the years, he worked his way up to become a restaurant manager and eventually an owner. The restaurant industry instilled in him a deep dedication to providing exceptional service. He learned the importance of hospitality, attention to detail, and the art of exceeding customer expectations during these formative years. These values are the foundation of his approach in every endeavor, including Real Estate.


Michael believes in the power of an active lifestyle. His other interests and hobbies are extensive, including golf, fitness, skiing, friends, family, cooking, and his pup Colby. Golf has been a lifelong passion for him, the golf course is where he finds solace, challenge, and the joy of the game. It’s a reminder of the importance of dedication and perseverance.


He works diligently on his fitness, convinced that a healthy body fosters a healthy mind. Consistent exercise is not just a routine; it’s a way of life. His daily routine includes visiting the dog park with his incredible companion, Colby. The bond he shares with his pets is a testament to the simple yet profound connections that enrich our lives. A well-rounded perspective on lifestyle and values emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


For those seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable Real Estate professional in Calgary, Michael is here to help. Together, you can explore the Calgary Real Estate market and find the perfect property to complement your unique lifestyle.