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Morgan Kushniryk

Morgan Kushniryk
Morgan Kushniryk
Property Manager
About Morgan

In the realm of property management, Morgan found more than a profession; he discovered a true passion. Morgan’s journey began amidst the hum of the oil and gas industry, a path he treaded before his heart was pulled into the world of real estate. Here, he could blend his technical expertise in plumbing, finish carpentry, and automotive know-how with his genuine love for connecting with people.


Having grown up in the serene embrace of rural Manitoba instilled in himself a deep appreciation for simplicity. However, life’s adventures led Morgan to the bustling streets of Calgary, where he’s spent the past decade unraveling the complexities of city living. Beyond the Canadian borders Morgan has traveled to many corners of the globe, immersing himself in diverse cultures, each experience teaching him the art of genuine connection.


For Morgan, property management is more than managing bricks and wood; it’s about weaving stories within those walls. Morgan believes in putting people first, in crafting homes where laughter echoes, where friends find solace, and where memories are etched into the very essence of the space. Every property has a unique tale, and Morgan’s desire isn’t just to manage it but to be a part of that story.


If you’re seeking someone who understands that a home is more than just walls and floors, someone who can transform your property into a sanctuary where life unfolds in all its beauty and authenticity, then Morgan is your go-to person. He may even fix your car throughout the process, he adds.


Morgan’s aim is straightforward: to not only preserve the value of each property but to transform it into a place where every distinct narrative discovers its ideal home.