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An After-Closing Check List

An After-Closing Check List

You’ve just closed your house purchase-now what? Buyers have lots to do, besides unpacking and making minor repairs.

They include:

  • Getting names and addresses, payment dates, account numbers and amounts to pay for the mortgage, taxes, condo maintenance and utility charges.
  • Notifying everyone about your change of address-from the post office to credit card companies to the provincial health insurer.
  • And don’t forget the provincial driver’s license and motor vehicle branch; failing to do so could lead to a fine.
  • Where”911″doesn’t exist, obtain the emergency numbers of police, fire, ambulance, hospital and poison information centers.
  • Determine garbage and recycling days.
  • Arrange to get the interest on your deposit, if your offer provides for it.
  • And most importantly, change the locks, or at least the tumblers, on all doors-who knows how many keys still remain in circulation?
  • Consider upgrading the locks to deadbolts, for greater home security.

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