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Designing a Home Buying Strategy

Designing a Home Buying Strategy

Before shopping for a home, every buyer needs a home buying strategy-a game plan-that reflects his or her unique needs and wants. That means developing a pre-determined shopping list of what a house must provide (the needs) and the “would-like-to-haves” (the wants).

To properly prepare a home buying strategy, homebuyers must first examine their lifestyles and budgeting priorities. Then do their homework-asking questions, demanding answers, researching everything from closing costs to mortgage financing, and making all the major decisions-before an offer to purchase is ever signed.

In fact, signing an offer is the climax to the home buying process, not the first step
When buying a home, preparation and planning are the key to success. With a home buying strategy, the house you buy should satisfy all of your needs and as many wants as possible, and be one you can afford to buy and carry each month.

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