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Moving During The Holidays – Tips Guide

Moving During The Holidays – Tips Guide

By Manuella Irwin, a moving industry professional, author and writer. Posted on Moving Guides

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Although we do try to plan almost every step of our life, sometimes things happen all of a sudden. Life surprises us in the most amazing ways.

Relocating is an important event that is often stressful and annoying, especially if you are moving away from home during holidays. Over holidays such as Christmas, Easter, The Independence Day, most people have a few days off. Moving during the holiday season is quite a challenge. So, we’ve prepared for you a complete how to move during holidays tips guide to help you have a smoother relocation experience. You may not have much choice and time as well, but if you are organized things will run smoothly.

Moving during holidays seems a rather frustrating activity, but if you have to do it, then stop wasting your time. Get ready for your holiday relocation!

Find A Holiday Moving Company

While searching for a mover over the holidays, remember to mention about your plans to move during the vacation time. There are a lot of movers out there, but few are performing relocation trips during holidays. The first thing you should take into consideration is that your move is more likely to cost much more than a regular move. Since most of the personnel would take a few days off during the holiday, it is likely that the holiday moving companies run on a short staff.

When booking your moving company, ask them for a written moving price quote. Actually, you should ask your movers to visit you at home for an in-house moving estimate. This way you can discuss every detail in person and you will get a lot more accurate moving cost estimate. Your movers will also be better prepared for the moving day. Make sure you understand all moving fees and expenses included in your final moving costs. Here is a complete list of the most popular hidden moving costs.

Beware that some furniture items can be carried out only through the windows (often referred as hoisting by the professional moving companies). Let your movers know about all specifics around your move in advance to avoid surprises. Set your moving budget right. Be prepared to spend extra money if you are about to move during holidays. Keep in mind that you can hire a full service moving company and book a luxury moving service option, so you can spend the vacation with your family, while the movers do the complete relocation.

Now it is even easier to estimate your moving costs no matter of your desired moving dates. Use our fast and easy moving cost estimator for an accurate cost calculation.

Research Your Holiday Mover

Hire a professional holiday mover and enjoy your smooth trip. Make sure you research your moving company online to avoid unpleasant surprises during and after your relocation.
Hiring a licensed and insured professional mover for your holiday relocation is a must. You might be on a short deadline, but don’t risk booking inexperienced, or even rogue movers. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a reputable holiday moving company and avoid moving scams:

Check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to find out if the particular moving company is registered and licensed. The U.S Department of Transportation obliged all registered moving companies to follow certain safety rules and regulations.
It’s a good idea to run a check on your moving company at Better Business Bureau website. Hiring a BBB moving company with accreditation is a plus.
Ask family, friends, colleagues, neighbors if they can recommend you a holiday mover or a professional moving company they’ve used in the past.
You may read some mover reviews online. There are many moving related forums and blogs that you can check for reviews, testimonials and complaints. Be careful when reading moving reviews – here is a complete article on how to avoid fake reviews online.
Holiday Relocation: The Packing
During holidays we usually spend our free time outside – strolling in the park, coffee with friends, going to the movies, shopping in the mall or a family dinner at the local restaurant. But since you are moving you have to do the boring packing job. Cheer up! Invite some friends to help you. It’s a holiday after all, have some fun. Spend some time with your loved ones, take breaks to chill out. Doing the packing by yourself and not by the moving company will save you a lot on the final moving costs. This way you can spend more for presents and the holiday a day to remember.

Remember to label all the boxes. You will save a lot of time and troubles when unpacking. Write descriptive labels on the boxes, the more descriptive, the better. If you have any doubts about packing particular household items, consult your mover. An experienced moving specialist will always find the best possible way to pack delicate items. Moving a piano, antiques or expensive electronics is a tough job, do not underestimate it. Leave the heavy furniture packing for the professional on the moving day. When unpacking, start with the most used items first.

Holiday Relocation With Kids
Holiday relocation with your children is quite a tricky situation. It can be a good idea to move with your kids during holidays, as they won’t miss classes. Yet, keep in mind that youngsters adore holidays. It’s time for games and a lot of fun. So, if you are considering a holiday relocation, prepare your children for the big move long in advance. Kids need time to adjust and especially for teenagers moving is a really stressful experience. However, you can make your holiday move much more pleasant. Encourage your kids to get involved in the holiday relocation. Let them help with the packing. Discuss the new opportunities that are waiting for all of you at the new place. After all, it’s a fresh start.

Moving During Christmas
Christmas is time of the year when the whole family gathers to spend the holiday together. It might be very depressing to move during Christmas. Everybody is planing the perfect Christmas and we usually don’t see it as a packing-loading-moving event. Anyway, you shouldn’t feel bad about your Christmas move. It may turn out that moving is the best Christmas present you have ever received. Remember that this holiday is all about spending time with your family. Engage everybody to help with the holiday relocation. Listen some cheering music, or go out for a walk all together. You can arrange a visit to the new city you are about to relocate to a week in advance. Visit the best notable places around your new home and explore the city.

Moving During Holidays With No Involvement

Kids love holidays. If you are moving during holidays, make sure there is enough time for fun. It is essential that you keep your kids entertained during the relocation.
Another interesting option to explore is hiring a full service moving company to do the end-to-end move of all your belongings. There are many professional moving companies that offer luxury moving services and high-end moving services that requires no involvement on your end, except covering the final bill.

If you choose this option, you can leave everything to the moving company. The movers will relocate all your household goods while you are on a holiday vacation with your family during the holidays. The moving company will do all the packing, loading, moving, driving, unloading and unpacking of all your belongings. If you choose the high-end (luxury) moving option, all your belongings will be positioned and arranged the exact same way as they were at your origin location. In a case like this, movers use cameras to capture the positioning on your furniture, so they can reproduce the same arrangement at your new place, while you are enjoying your holiday with your kids and family.

To sum up, moving during the holidays has its pros and cons. It’s up to you decide what is the best time to move. Moving during the holiday season can be as easy and enjoyable as you make it. It is the people that make our holiday, not the place.

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