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The Advantages of a Resale Home

The Advantages of a Resale Home

While many buyers shy away from used cars, that’s not the case with “used” or resale homes.

As a resale home exists, you don’t have to visualize what it will look like-you see what you get, and get what you see. Also, resale homes are usually sold in more established communities and neighbourhoods.

That means recreational facilities, transportation links, support services, schools and shopping centres are already in place.

Many people believe they get better value buying a resale home, since appliances, light fixtures, floor and window coverings can be negotiated into the deal. Improvements like fences, paved driveways and landscaping automatically go with the house, too.

The survey needed by both you and the lender often is available from the seller, but make sure it’s up-to-date. You can reduce the risk of being saddled with hidden defects, by having a home inspector examine a resale home before the offer becomes firm.

For buyers on a tight budget, a resale home in move-in condition is always an appealing choice-you even avoid the GST!

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