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3 Up and Coming Neighbourhoods for Calgary Rentals

3 Up and Coming Neighbourhoods for Calgary Rentals

There are many things to think about when considering where to live. The price of rent, proximity to shopping centres, crime rates, and area schools are just a few of the things to consider. If you’re looking for a place to call home in Calgary, check out these three up and coming neighbourhoods for Calgary rentals.

1. Calgary Executive Rentals in Bowness

Near the Bow River and north of downtown lies the neighbourhood of Bowness. Recent beautification efforts are turning this community into a hotspot for academics and professionals looking for Calgary executive rentals close to the University. The lovely Bowness Park is a favourite spot for accessing the Bow River.

2. Furnished Rentals in Renfrew

It seems that everyone wants to live in Bridgeland, but those looking for more affordable Calgary rentals should consider Renfrew. Just up the hill from Bridgeland, this community hasn’t yet reached the same level of hype and offers many options for both buyers and renters. It’s within walking distance of Bridgeland, so you can look for Calgary furnished rentals in Renfrew and still enjoy the delightful shops, parks, and cafes of the neighbouring community. Plus, you can find some excellent restaurants and brunch spots along the Edmonton Trail.

3. Calgary Rentals in Currie Barracks

A former military base is now a growing neighbourhood in Calgary. Currie Barracks has strong connections with history mixed with a new urbanism reflected in the sustainable community design. The area features a mix of residential, office, retail, and recreational facilities along with themed parks and monuments to remember the area’s legacy. Look for Calgary furnished rentals here if you appreciate the feel of an urban village.

If you’re looking for Calgary executive rentals, consider checking out these three up and coming neighbourhoods. They each have great characteristics that appeal to many people and offer different opportunities to renters.

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