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Sam Adrian
20:52 07 Sep 18
I've been working with Michael on renting a house, the process was absolutely phenomenal! Extremely quick and understanding of any problems. The manner in which Michael acted upon was very detail oriented, understanding and very easy to work with. Great communication was never an issue. Thank you so much for introducing me to my new home! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you!
Jordan Champagne
03:50 31 Jul 18
Recently underwent a significant life change. Sold my house and found myself searching for a rental property. Sheer luck had me stumble across a property being managed by Unison. Their representative Jolene was a breath of fresh air, she was timely and always delivered with her follow through promises. Thank you.
Nikhil Sidhaye
03:06 27 Apr 18
We are extremely happy to make choice & select Unison Property Management to look after our property. Unison people are extremely helpful & answered each & every question and cleared our doubts. Their processes to sign is easy and efficient. We highly recommend Diana Novikova, she is always reachable (by phone / text). She always gives satisfactory answer to our questions. Hoping to get same service in coming years...
Mr.Marriage Dr.Divorce
18:52 21 Mar 18
Diana Novikova is very professional and attentive. I had many questions before and after the searching process. She was very efficient with retrieving contracts and pictures of the home, and I speak highly for the filing system her company uses. Her positive and professional approach made it easy for me to feel comfortable with a paperless approach. She was able to find me an amazing insurance company, they were accommodating and able to give me a 5% discount just for being connected with Diana’s company. Since I have moved in, I have needed to contact Diana (by text), to answer questions. She always responds quickly and has an answer for me in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend Diana! 👍
Samantha Aretuo
00:19 22 Jun 18
I see that most of the reviews about the company have been positive, however that was not my experience. My mom was the one who hired the services, but since she's not willing to complain I will do it for her. After the last tenant, the apartment was left without one of the electronic blinds that are in the living room (how were they able to damage and rip the entire thing is beyond me), the fridge doesn't close well (therefore is not working well), one of the cabinet doors inside the refrigerator was left broken, and the handle from the laundry closet was completely broken (the handle was left on the desk). My biggest problem about that is that the agent in charge of looking after the apartment never charged the occupants for the things broken, and he later said that he didn't do it because he never checked the apartment before they left, so he was going to pay for everything and make sure that everything is fixed, but this has taken more than a month to be done. He hasn't provided a deadline to have everything done, so he shows up every now and then to "fix" the handle himself (not even with a handyman), and after a couple of weeks says that he wasn't able to, so he's looking a replacement that is similar to the ones we have. So, not only did he not check the apartment to make sure that everything is in the same condition that it was given to the company, but he also fails to make up for his mistakes. My mom has been trying to reach out to the company, but since she's been busy at her job it's been hard for her to find a time to go to the Unison office, and we've been stuck just waiting for the company to show up when they have the time. I also wanted to share this so it won't happen to anybody else.
Nicole L'Hirondelle
05:32 01 Dec 18
I just started a contract to rent my house with Unison and property manager Jolene. So far the experience has been great. All my questions have been answered in a timely and professional manner. I have peace of mind going forward because I have confidence in the service. I have continued to work with Jolene and she is very knowledable, responsive and a good listener. I am overall so pleased with the decision to work with Jolene and Unison. Highly recommended !
Dario Perrone
20:15 26 Dec 18
Stayed at the Horton Heritage tower location in a one bedroom and den apartment in 2018. Great location and place furnished and clean. David Briere was great always very responsive to emails and calls. I appreciate the wonderful stay in Calgary. Thank you.
Curtis Breitkreitz
19:28 19 Nov 18
Anna is very professional, and very diligent. My house was rented in about two weeks. You can tell that she gave an honest and detailed recommendation on the tenant, without providing information that she wasn’t permitted to. I genuinely believe that she cared about ensuring a good tenant was in place who would take care of my house. I would definitely recommend Unison and Anna.
Amy Wilhelm
15:43 14 Dec 18
David Briere has been looking after my rental property for over a year and I am truly thankful for his help and expertise. I’m always kept in the loop regarding any updates or issues, and it’s great to feel confident that these things will be dealt with promptly and professionally. I’ve recommended him to friends previously and will continue to do so - anyone looking for a fantastic property manager should contact David!
Christopher Davis
20:04 16 Nov 18
I've been dealing with Diana N. as my property manager and she's made my life very easy over the past few months. I have full confidence that my home and tenants in Calgary will be taken care of while I live in Saskatchewan. My experience of using Unison/Diana as my property manager has been great and I would recommend giving them a call if you're in the market for residential property management.
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Unison Property Management understands the struggles that renters face when it comes to finding a property that fits their lifestyle and budget. As a renter, you can spend hours, days, if not weeks, trying to find a rental property that meets your needs and improves your everyday living. That is why we are here to help you by offering our services. We want to make it easier for you to find a home in the great city of Calgary. Our focus is to connect prospective tenants like you to the right property so that you can stay for the long-term. There is no point moving from rental to rental, never staying too long at any place. We want you to be comfortable in your new surroundings, so you no longer have to worry about finding another property to rent. We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your selection and will do what it takes to make it happen. We offer a wide range of single and multi-family condos, apartments and houses for rent all across Calgary, so you can always find something with us. Our entire team is highly professional, dedicated and focused on ensuring you find the perfect home, condo or apartment. When it comes to providing and securing amazing Calgary rentals, trust the team at Unison Property Management.



We are dedicated to efficiency.
Our team will always respond within 24 hours.


With over 20 years of experience, we have established ourselves as an industry leader.


You are never without options.
Unison Realty makes everything easier for you.


We understand that every penny counts and we make sure your budget is our priority.


Our complete maintenance team provides solutions to all your maintenance needs.


20 years in business has allowed us to perfect our process to help our clients better.



Our application process is simplified so you can understand what other property management companies try to bury.


Our thorough approval process works to ensure you are matched with the best property that fits your wants and needs


Move in to your furnished or unfurnished property at earliest availability and relax knowing Unison has you covered.


Unison Property Management actively manages thousands of tenant relationships and has built a reputation as one of the leading property companies in Calgary. Our aim is not just to find you a home to live in; we want to make your living as stress-less as possible. Our team will provide you with overarching, high-quality, year-round service, with prompt responses to inquiries and follow-ups to any issues that need to be resolved. We are not going to intrude in your everyday life. We understand that peaceful living is what you want, and having peace of mind will make your living all the more comfortable. In addition to a hassle-free rental experience, we also provide you with the latest online system that makes renting straightforward and carefree. We give you control of how you need your services by giving you access to your very own online Tenants portal. You will have access to vital information, contact details, rental payments (either by direct debit or email money transfer), as well as keep track of rental receipts and make service requests. Whether you are a cyclist who enjoys living close to Calgary’s natural hotspots, an entrepreneur that breathes the hustle of Downtown, or whether your family is looking furnished rentals in Calgary, Unison Property Management has made renting more relaxed than ever.


Our database is updating every single day. We may have something that just appeared on the market and hasn’t been updated. Call us for your most recent listings and let us help you find the perfect match that suits your needs. 

Choosing a furnished property allows for better rates, more independence and more space.

Unless otherwise stated, the renter is responsible for 100% of the utility bills. 

Our furnished properties are fully equipped with all the necessary items to make you feel at home, including a fully equipped kitchen and great quality linens. Utilities (heat, water & electricity) are typically included in the rent along with basic cable and internet.


If you are looking for houses, apartments, or condos to rent in Calgary, look no further than Unison Property Management. With our distinct eye for detail, value, and lifestyle choices, we provide renters with only the best properties to rent in Calgary. With the myriad of landscapes around this fantastic city, our Calgary rentals can suit any budget and cater to any lifestyle. Our properties are located in desirable, central neighbourhoods that are walking distance to many popular destinations, as well as in the quaint suburbs of the Calgary Metropolitan Region. Our properties bring style, comfort and all the amenities you need to make a living in Calgary as pleasant as the city itself. You will not be able to find more permanent homes, condos, apartments and townhouses in Calgary than with Unison Property Management. You can finally combine the joys of living in Calgary within a budget that fits your lifestyle. Start searching today and find your perfect home in Calgary.