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4 Most Common Mistakes With Property Management

4 Most Common Mistakes With Property Management

Rental property management is a complicated job that requires keeping track of a number of details. Avoiding these five common mistakes can save you time and money.

Hiring New Contractors for Rental Property Management Maintenance

Shopping around for a new contractor when a maintenance request comes up seems like a great way to get a deal. But the delay can lead to complaints from the tenants and less efficient project completion. Instead, develop a network of contractors you trust, and call them every time you need maintenance work performed.

Letting Tenants Perform Maintenance

It can be tempting to allow tenants to perform maintenance and then deduct the value from their rent because it saves time and hassle. However, this can create bigger problems. You could be liable if tenants get injured while performing repairs, or you’ll have a worse problem to fix later if they do a poor job. Always hire a professional to perform maintenance.

Limited Tenant Screening for Property Management Rentals

One of the basics of Calgary property management is properly screening applicants. Performing a thorough background check is worth the time and money.

Not Performing Routine Inspections

Calgary property management companies perform routine inspections of their properties, and you should too. Spotting problems early saves you money on maintenance. Routine inspections of rental properties also demonstrate to your tenants that you are thorough and responsible.

Invest in a Calgary Property Management Company

There are many headaches involved in property management; if you feel overwhelmed, let a Calgary property management company handle all the details for you.

Unison Realty offers professional property management services to help alleviate stress, and make it as easy as possible to be a landlord.


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