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How to Feel at Home in a Furnished Rental

Renting a furnished apartment is a great option if you’re justing starting out or you can’t afford furniture. Often, furnished rentals are the preferred option for individuals in search of a short-term option, but regardless of how long you stay, you’ll want to feel at home in your place. Follow these tips and tricks for feeling at home in your condo or apartment.

Start in the Bedroom

There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and cuddling in your big, comfy bed. If you want your bed to feel more inviting, adding your own duvet cover, sheets, and decorative pillows can make a world of difference.

Move to the Living Room

There may not be a ton of options for personalizing the living room depending on how much furniture there is; however, personalized throw pillows and blankets can add colour to the space and make it feel more like your own. You can also hang your own wall art and add framed pictures of your friends and family.

Furnished Rental Feng Shui

You should consult with the property owner or the property management company before moving furniture around, but rotating the kitchen table or rearranging the couches in the living room just the way you like can add an extra touch of homeyness. Just remember to take pictures of everything before you start the feng shui process so you can put everything back in order when you move.

A Furnished Rental that Smells Like Home

We all know that smell and memory are closely related; the right scent can bring back the best memories and fill us with happiness. Sometimes, making your furnished rental feel like home could be as simple as lighting a candle or burning your favourite incense.

The Benefits of a Furnished Rental

When you live in a furnished rental, you’ll be able to save money on furniture, and you won’t have to buy it all at once. When it comes time to leave and find a place of your own, talk to a property management company about finding a house or apartment in Calgary that you can call your own.

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