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5 Pinterest-Worthy Decorating Ideas for Your Rental Property

Thank goodness for the world of Pinterest that offers an endless supply of imaginative ideas and creative solutions for everything from lifestyle tips to interior design. When it comes to home decor ideas, Pinterest is the proverbial jackpot. However, it can sometimes be difficult to decorate when you’re renting an unfurnished apartment. Here are 5 decorating ideas that are Pinterest-worthy and property management-approved.

1. Decorate the Walls of Your Rental Property

Most condo units for rent come with generic builder’s beige on the walls – could there be anything less exciting? If you are unable to paint, look for frames, pictures, mirrors, removable wallpaper, even unusual trinkets like paper fans to hang on the walls. Bonus Tip: Keep your rental property management company happy and avoid putting excessive amounts of holes in the wall by using Command Strips.

2. Fix the Lighting in Your Rental Property

Most property management companies won’t allow you to replace the light fixtures in your rental property. However, you can still spruce up the lighting situation with funky floor lamps, desk lamps and portable light fixtures. You could even turn to Pinterest for some ideas on making your own unique lampshade!

3. Maximize the Storage in Your Rental Property

One of the biggest problems that renters often run into is storage. Rental properties sometimes don’t provide adequate storage room, and sometimes you have to get creative. Look for ottomans that double as a storage unit. Use bins and baskets on your bookshelves to store odds and ends.  You could even add stylish drawers or storage bins under your bed to store seasonal clothing, shoes, and more!

4. Hang Curtains in Your Rental Property

Your rental property in Calgary may come with vertical blinds or other window coverings, but you can always add your own unique style with drapes and curtains! Keep in mind that any holes larger than a picture anil must be covered upon vacating. There are also brackets that you can attach to existing fixtures to eliminate the problem.

5. Decorate the Floors of Your  Rental Property with Rugs and Carpets

A lot of  Rental Property properties have hardwood or laminate flooring. You can add colour and coziness to any space with a rug. Even if the suite has flat weave carpet, rugs are a great way to liven up the room.

Enjoy these ideas from a property management company in Calgary. Happy decorating!

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