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Property Management Tips To Prevent Taking In A Bad Tenant

There have been many horror stories out there where tenants have ruined and damaged rental properties. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect with a tenant, which is why learning how you deal with them can help avoid any trouble. Let’s take a look at these property management tips on how to deal with your trouble-making tenants.

6 Rental Property Management Tips To Handling Difficult Tenants

  • Background checks.
    It is necessary to conduct background checks on all potential tenants before having them sign tenancy agreements. This gives you an idea of what to expect from them during their tenancy in your property. Contacting their previous landlords to inquire about how they behaved, if they were peaceful, and if they maintained the property adequately is very important. Also, you should ensure that the potential tenant has a stable income so that rent doesn’t become a problem later on.
  • Check Your Rental Agreement
    Your rental agreement is not just there for your tenants, but to provide you with protection. If a situation arises, you have the agreement in hand to ensure that your tenants cannot argue with you. Make sure you get your agreement checked by a professional rental property management expert before you hand it off to your tenants. By doing so, they will check if you have missed anything important that can protect your property. You should ensure that the agreement also has details on the amount expected as security deposit, when it would be returned, and what kind of damages or repairs will require the use of the security deposit by the owner.
  • Keep A Written Record Of Everything
    The more information you have on your hand, the better off you will be when it comes to dealing with difficult tenants. It is essential that you keep a written record of everything that happens before and during the rental agreement is signed. Keep a copy of your rental agreement, track all conversations you have with your tenants and note down any issues that come up, and how they were resolved. These records form a strong case if you need evidence to force the tenants out.  

  • Always Be Calm & Rational
    You have to be calm and rational when it comes to dealing with your tenants. Losing control and getting angry is not going to help your cause at all. You might say and do something that is going to cause a bigger rift and more problems down the line. Be objective, listen to your tenants’ complaints, and be as calm as possible when it comes to dealing with them. You will be able to solve a lot of problems if you’re rational than irrational.

  • Hire A Property Management Team
    Understandably if you are being treated poorly by your tenants or if you need support, you should look towards hiring a property management team to do the work for you. They will handle all aspects of your rental property, including managing your tenants. It will be a peaceful transition for you; giving you more time to focus on other things in your life.

  • Periodic inspection
    Most property management companies have their property managers pay periodic visits       to the rental property under their care just to ensure that the rental unit is being properly maintained by the tenants. If your Calgary property management does not have such a system, you can ask your assigned property manager to pay periodic visits to the property. Visits are normally made every 2 to 3 months a year.                                                                                                                                                       

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