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Two Types of Questions to be Asking a Property Management Company

Two Types of Questions to be Asking a Property Management Company

Finding the right Calgary property management company begins with asking the right questions. The right company offers you peace of mind while providing you with reliable service and competitive pricing. The main two types of questions focus on short term and long term issues that will help you begin your search for a company you can rely on.

Basic Questions for Your Calgary Property Management Company

Some of the most important short-term questions to ask a property management company include:

  • Types of services offered
  • How experienced the company employees are
  • How rent prices are determined
  • What the fees are for the service

Become familiar with the property management company’s policies and procedures to ensure you know what to expect in the future. In addition to asking about fees and services, ask the company whether you have any control over the properties after signing the contract.

Calgary Property Management for Long-Term Planning

Planning your payments is just one aspect of using a Calgary property management company. The important long-term questions you should ask the company whether you are expected to list your properties with the company if you decide to sell. If you are required to list with the company, ask about the fees and costs associated with selling your properties to avoid surprises if you do decide to sell. Additionally, it is important to ask about the eviction warranties, property inspection routines and rent collections, as these services often reduce problems with rental property management.

Understanding Rental Property Management

Rental property management should include pricing for repairs and replacements. Ask about these fees and the procedures for making repairs and replacements, and ask the Calgary property management company whether your approval is required before making changes to rental properties. Make sure to ask for a sample lease, and consider asking for referrals to ensure you choose a reliable company to manage your rental properties.

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