Property Management and Real Estate Services

Choosing a property management company that you can trust can feel like a daunting task. However, if you know what to ask – you’ll be prepared to make a confident decision in who will manage your most valuable asset. With these suggested questions, you will be able to make an informed choice and feel self-assured that your Calgary rental property is in the right hands. 


Three Essential Questions to Ask the Calgary Property Management Company


How does the property management company qualify applicants? 

When it comes to the success of your rental property in Calgary, having reliable and trustworthy tenants can be a weight off your shoulders. 


It’s important to ask how the property managers screen potential tenants and what processes they have in place. They should complete a detailed rental application and review the applicants’ credit, criminal, and employment history. 


This step will help ensure you have high-quality and long-term tenants occupying your property. 



What does the property management company charge for management and leasing? 

Property management companies collect fees to ensure all of your property-related concerns are well looked after. 


On top of the operations of your rental, they handle difficult situations that can come with managing a property, such as eviction notices, dealing with difficult tenants, or maintenance issues. 


They also handle new tenant placement and financial reporting. These are all valuable services and are meant to give you peace of mind while also providing your tenants with a sense of comfort and security. 


However, it is important to have a solid understanding of how these services are charged and for how much. While the fees vary from company to company, ask what is charged above a flat percentage of actual income. Are there annual administrative fees? What fees are there when the property is vacant? These are important questions to consider when choosing a property management company in Calgary. 


Read our special blog post here if you are interested in learning more about what property management companies charge. 

How many properties are being managed in the company? 

This question helps you understand the property manager’s business size, workload, and time to allocate to your property and tenants. If the manager has many clients, they will typically have an assistant promptly answer your questions and requests. 


It also indicates the experience of the property management company. As a follow-up question, you can ask about the type of properties they typically manage. The answer can suggest that your property manager has expertise in a particular type of rental property and if they’re best suited for you and your property management needs. 


While these are just some of the best questions to ask your Calgary property management company. Ensure that you research the company beforehand so you know how they work and their success. The more research you put into the company, the more confident you’ll feel when agreeing to sign up with them.


At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Rental properties are a wise investment that can pay off in the long-term. But the key question for a lot of people before investing is, “how do I make money from a rental property?”. 


This guide gives you a few pointers on how you can make money with your Calgary rentals


The Best Ways to Make Money With Your Calgary Rental 


Finding Properties in the Right Areas

There are a lot of condos and homes for rent in Calgary. But finding one that is going to be worth the investment relies on a few factors. Most importantly, the location. 


You want a property that will be close to amenities, transportation and key locations, such as schools and hospitals. Add all these together, and you narrow down a selection of ideal properties as a rental investment. 


And it’s through these areas and properties that you can make money through rental income and the curbside value. The better the location and property, the more you can charge for rent. 


If you can’t find something within your budget, you can always speak to a real estate agent or a Calgary property management company. They can aid you with your search for a property within your budget and desired area. 


Future Development Around The Area

Having a good idea of what is going to be built around your property is crucial. You can check out the City of Calgary Municipal Development Plan to determine what construction is occurring around your home. 


How does this help?


If there is a lot of construction and developments going on, it is probably a good growth area. This means that you can have access to more amenities, services or highway accesses, which will enhance the value of your rental property (making it more profitable when selling later on) and can encourage you to increase your rental rates. 


Being near growth areas means the suburb is a hot ticket item. You got the opportunity to make the most of it with your rental property. 




Compare Rates To Your Area 

You might not realize that you’re not charging enough rent for your property until you do the research. By researching the surrounding area to see what others are charging for rental rates can give you an insight into if your rates are unvalued. 


You might be offering way less for a quality home compared to another down the road that is more expensive and doesn’t provide the luxury your home does. 


Only by conducting research into other rental rates and comparing properties, can you charge the right rates for your Calgary rental.


Investing in Improvements 

There is no question that the more you invest in your Calgary rental, the more you can charge renters and sell it for more in the future. Investing in improvements, such as renovations, can go a long way to enhancing the value and curb appeal of your property. Crucially, it also allows you to charge for more rent as you provide a better, more luxurious home. 


But which renovations are best for your property? 


If you own a condo, you will have to follow the condo board’s rules and regulations for any interior renovations. Speak to them before managing it yourself. 


For homes, you can do as you wish. HGTV suggests that the following renovations can be well worth your investment: 


  • Minor Bathroom Remodel – Average return at resale: 102 percent
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel – Average return at resale: 98.5 percent
  • Major Bathroom Remodel – Average return at resale: 93.2 percent
  • Exterior Improvements (Vinyl Siding, Paint, Updated Front Entry) – Average return at resale: 95.5 percent


Whatever you decide for your rental property, remember that renovations can make a significant impact and help you make money both through rental income and selling your home later on. 


At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Are you looking to buy or rent a condo in Calgary? What about an apartment? Wondering what the difference is between the two? 


While there are few similarities between an apartment and a condo (how they look both externally and internally), a few key differences separate them. 


Understanding differences can help your decision-making process when buying a property or finding a rental in Calgary. 


The Differences Between Calgary Condos & Apartments 


The Ownership

The critical difference between the two is the ownership of the property. Condos are usually managed by an association or condo board, with each individual owning a condo. Apartments, on the other hand, are not usually sold separately. The building itself is usually owned by one individual, a company or a group of investors. The apartment units are leased to the tenants. 


The differences between the ownership structures have an impact on everything that follows. 


Rules of Living Within the Community 

In most cases, the apartment owner sets the rules for their building, including factors such as the rent amount, maintaining noise levels at specific times, disposing of garbage and waste properly and making minimal changes to the unit itself. 


Rules can be trickier with a condo. The association or condo board sets rules for common areas (pools, entertainment rooms and gyms) but allows more flexibility within the unit itself. Condo owners may have the option to conduct renovations and repairs within their own unit, as long as it complies with the board’s rules. 




Costs of Living 

There is a fine between the costs of living in a condo or apartment. Both have set rent prices that have to be paid at a specific time. It’s the cost of utilities and the condo fees that impact the living standards. 


Utilities (water, gas or electricity) can be included with both apartments and condos for rent, depending on the building owner. If you’re renting a condo, your payments might consist of utility bills already. In other cases, you’ll have to pay out of pocket. It’s one of the things that you should consider when renting out an apartment in Calgary


Condo fees cover specific maintenance costs on the property. That includes standard amenities, such as repairs for elevators, maintenance for pools, gyms, community rooms, and landscaping. The more amenities you have on offer in your building, the more you’ll pay in fees. 


In many situations, Calgary property management companies manage the maintenance and repairs of these properties. In some cases, you will be dealing directly with them when it comes to maintaining your unit. 


Which is Better For You? Calgary Condos or Apartments? 


While there are distinct differences between the two, there are a few overlapping similarities that can confuse you when deciding which one to live in. 


Both have positives and negatives, which is why it’s essential to know your preferences. Ultimately, the decision is about what you’re seeking in both the short-term vs. long-term and your desired standard of living. Speaking to condo boards and Calgary property management companies can help guide your decision. 



At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Buying a rental property in Calgary can be a worthwhile investment. However, for first-time investors, it can be overwhelming. The real estate investment market is riddled with various scenarios that can impact the whole venture. 


But having a reliable approach in which you can buy a house to rent can be valuable. This guide can help you invest in a property that pays off in the long-term. 


The Advantages of Buying a Calgary Rental Property


There are significant benefits that come with owning a house for rent in Calgary, including:


  • Regular monthly income – Your rent, minus the expenses, means consistent and steady cash flow. 
  • Appreciation – While there are no predictions regarding how much your home’s value will rise over time, it will appreciate over time regardless.
  • Tax deduction – Considering that your rental property is an asset, you can claim deductions from your gross rental income come tax time. These can include mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, Calgary property management fees and utility bills. 

Although there are some disadvantages, the positives outweigh the negatives. 



Essential Tips For Buying a Calgary Rental 


If you’re ready to take the plunge into the investment property market, consider these tips first.


1 – Get your finances in order. Depending on your lender, Canada’s mortgage rules dictate that you must have at least 5% of the down payment on a property. Remember to consider other factors such as maintenance, costs and insurance. Crunch the numbers, and speak to your bank to see what you can afford.  


2 – Research ideal locations & their rental income. With a firm base of what you can afford, narrow down your search zone to see where you can buy it. Then, consider the average rental income for those locations. You can then calculate if it is worth investing in the area. You can also speak to a property manager in Calgary about location information. Make sure you consider:


  • Future developments planned for the area and how they might impact your property. 
  • Amenities, such as schools, hospitals and malls, around the area and how they might impact renters.
  • Safety, as no one wants to live in an unsafe neighbourhood. Inquire about crime rates. 


3 – Educate yourself on landlord-tenant laws. It’s best to know what laws you have when you start to rent out your property. Having a thorough understanding of what you and your tenants can and can’t do will be beneficial if issues arise in the future. 


4 – Think about the long-term. Remember that this property is about the long-term. It’s about making sure you have some income that will secure your future. Consider the options available to you, and if it is worth the investment. 


Plan Out Your Calgary Rental 

Once you have your property mortgaged, it is time to consider how you plan to rent it. There are two options: 


1- You DIY. You’re the landlord, and you run the property, taking care of everything, from collecting rent to property maintenance. 


2- You hire a Calgary property management company. The agent in charge of your property will handle everything for you for a monthly fee (which, as stated above, can be claimed on tax). 


Remember that there are many condos and houses for rent in Calgary as it’s a renters’ market. You will face stiff competition in terms of getting your home rented, so if you struggle with the extra work, consider hiring a professional to handle everything for you.


At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact us:

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Finding the right apartment or condo to rent in Calgary can be difficult. 


You have to be specific in what you want, quick enough to get a good deal and keep an eye on red flags that can ruin your renting experience. While this might seem overwhelming, it can be simple if you have a checklist of what to look for when renting an apartment. 


Keep reading below and simplify your apartment hunting…


Six Factors to Consider When Renting an Apartment 


Check out the apartment thoroughly 

The last thing you need when renting an apartment is to find that it is run-down, damaged and not up to standards. You might find in the future that there are problems with the plumbing, heating or electricity. While it might not become apparent from the very start, you must conduct a thorough review of the place, while asking the landlord or Calgary property management company questions about the location. 


Your relationship with the property management company or landlord 

The landlord, or the Calgary property management company can make or break your renting experience. If the landlord or company has no boundaries or ethics, it can result in a horrible experience and even a visit to court (in severe cases). It is imperative then to speak with them directly, gauge their personality and do some research into their reputation. 


Scope out the neighborhood 

Where you live can have an impact on your life, so it can be best to find a neighbourhood that is close to amenities, as well as the necessary services that support your lifestyle. While you may need to have some flexibility, keep your must-have list nearby.



Go over your lease carefully

Before signing your lease, make sure you go through it carefully and don’t be afraid to ask for more time if needed. You want to know all the finer details of the contract to ensure that you’re happy with the agreement. If you have any lingering questions or if there’s anything that you want, all you have to do is ask!


Consider the Upfront & Long-term Costs 

Rent isn’t the only financial setback when you start living in your new apartment. You have to consider both upfront and long-term costs. With application fees, the first and last months’ rent and a security deposit, you’re going to spend some serious money before you even get the keys.


Then you have to consider your long-term costs over your rental period. The list will vary on your needs, and rental agreement you have in place, but it can include the following: 

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Internet and cable
  • Water, sewer and trash
  • Groceries

It’s essential to budget for these expenses before you start apartment hunting as they’ll impact how much rent you can afford.



Does the apartment have everything you need? Does it have an in-unit laundry so that you can clean clothes daily or a gym to keep you fit? Does it have an elevator or stairs? While these might seem like petty things, they will make a huge difference to your overall living situation. You’re planning to spend some time in this place, so make sure you have what you need. 


When you finally find the apartment or condo to rent in Calgary that you want, it’s always best to contact the management company or landlord and schedule a viewing.


At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact us:

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Investing in a rental property is an excellent idea for your future. But finding that rental property that will be a worthwhile investment is the problematic part. From crunching the numbers to working alongside property management companies in Calgary, here is how you can find an excellent rental property to invest in.  

5 Steps To Finding A Rental Property In Calgary 

See How Much You Can Afford 

Without the finances to back you up, there is no point in even bothering to look for an investment property. To find a rental property that is going to help you in the long run, you have to make sure that you have the funds to back it up. Speak to your bank or mortgage broker, and get an insight into how your finances hold up, so you can see how much you can afford for a second mortgage. 

Affording The Maintenance Over The Years 

When owning a rental property, it all comes down to you to make repairs and ensure that it is up to standard. You will have to consider the funds needed for repairs, renovations and utilities over the years, as well as see if your finances can support any changes if required. In most cases, rental owners will hire a Calgary property management company to handle all the work, as financially, it’s worth it.

Evaluate Your Desired Neighborhoods

Once you have sorted out your funds, it is time to evaluate the properties within a few neighborhoods that you like. What is the market rate for the rental properties? Are they increasing or decreasing? How is the accessibility to amenities, such as schools, hospitals, public transport and local businesses? Evaluating the neighborhoods will give an idea to know if buying a rental property in that area will be worthwhile.

Compare Properties 

To narrow down how much a rental property would earn you, you have to find comparable properties in the area and calculate the rent. Look at three properties in the area that are roughly the same size and condition of a property you’re interested in. Compare the rate in which they charge rent and how your rental property in Calgary can stand up to that. You need to see if it is worth the investment over the years.

Consider The Appreciation Of Your Property Over The Years 

There are two ways to ensure that the value of your property will increase over the years. Firstly, research the neighborhood (like you did with the evaluation) and see if the market rate of the homes in the area has increased over the years. This is market appreciation and it means that your rental property’s value will rise over time. Secondly, if you plan to do repairs or renovations, it will further enhance the value of your property. You have to assess how what repairs or renovations you are planning to do in future. These two factors will help you understand the appreciation of your property in the years to come. 

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

Unison Realty Group Ltd.

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There have been many horror stories out there where tenants have ruined and damaged rental properties. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect with a tenant, which is why learning how you deal with them can help avoid any trouble. Let’s take a look at these property management tips on how to deal with your trouble-making tenants.

6 Rental Property Management Tips To Handling Difficult Tenants

  • Background checks.
    It is necessary to conduct background checks on all potential tenants before having them sign tenancy agreements. This gives you an idea of what to expect from them during their tenancy in your property. Contacting their previous landlords to inquire about how they behaved, if they were peaceful, and if they maintained the property adequately is very important. Also, you should ensure that the potential tenant has a stable income so that rent doesn’t become a problem later on.
  • Check Your Rental Agreement
    Your rental agreement is not just there for your tenants, but to provide you with protection. If a situation arises, you have the agreement in hand to ensure that your tenants cannot argue with you. Make sure you get your agreement checked by a professional rental property management expert before you hand it off to your tenants. By doing so, they will check if you have missed anything important that can protect your property. You should ensure that the agreement also has details on the amount expected as security deposit, when it would be returned, and what kind of damages or repairs will require the use of the security deposit by the owner.
  • Keep A Written Record Of Everything
    The more information you have on your hand, the better off you will be when it comes to dealing with difficult tenants. It is essential that you keep a written record of everything that happens before and during the rental agreement is signed. Keep a copy of your rental agreement, track all conversations you have with your tenants and note down any issues that come up, and how they were resolved. These records form a strong case if you need evidence to force the tenants out.  

  • Always Be Calm & Rational
    You have to be calm and rational when it comes to dealing with your tenants. Losing control and getting angry is not going to help your cause at all. You might say and do something that is going to cause a bigger rift and more problems down the line. Be objective, listen to your tenants’ complaints, and be as calm as possible when it comes to dealing with them. You will be able to solve a lot of problems if you’re rational than irrational.

  • Hire A Property Management Team
    Understandably if you are being treated poorly by your tenants or if you need support, you should look towards hiring a property management team to do the work for you. They will handle all aspects of your rental property, including managing your tenants. It will be a peaceful transition for you; giving you more time to focus on other things in your life.

  • Periodic inspection
    Most property management companies have their property managers pay periodic visits       to the rental property under their care just to ensure that the rental unit is being properly maintained by the tenants. If your Calgary property management does not have such a system, you can ask your assigned property manager to pay periodic visits to the property. Visits are normally made every 2 to 3 months a year.                                                                                                                                                       

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

Unison Realty Group Ltd.

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$50 Thousand dollars worth of upgrades, including Granite counters and new cabinets in the kitchen and updated bathroom, with his and her under mount sinks. All newer SS appliance package, new light fixtures, stacked washer dryer, new flooring through out entire unit. Massive outdoor patio accessible from the glass doors, facing the park. Centrally air conditioned, lots of in suite storage. Complex slated to have all new windows and doors replaced in the near future. Minutes walk to the LRT, and Fish Creek Park, right out side your door. Fantastic location, pet friendly. Come and take a look.

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A real estate analyst with the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) says the fact that Calgary’s housing prices aren’t budging much shouldn’t come as a shock. “The current Calgary real estate market conditions are disappointing but unsurprising,” said Don Campbell, senior real estate analyst with REIN.

The oil price slide is in its 15th month after all, he says. Previous forecasts stated prices would begin to slide from November 2015 to February 2016 amid mixed signals in the market.

“The drop in oil prices, which brought layoffs and lower consumer confidence, have been the largest factor in today’s market conditions, prices held steady due to a lack of real desperation to sell,” said Campbell.

Uncertainty all around

Add to the mix, Campbell says, is the uncertainty from Rachel Notley’s newly-elected government regarding taxes, regulation, or an economic strategy.

“These two main factors have pushed the listings up substantially while keeping the buyers on the sidelines,” he said.

According to Calgary MLS, the current detached home listings in September were 3,012 — or 17 per cent more — compared to the same period last year. Although the Calgary Real Estate Board reports total residential sales in the city were 1,448 units in September, well below typical activity levels for this time of year.

Year-to-date Calgary sales remained below both the five- and 10-year averages.

But Campbell says two other major factors are keeping a cap on housing prices — the growing population in the region before oil prices went south and the rental market.

“These new citizens have supported both the housing resale market as well as the rental market,” he said, adding this is directly connected to the second factor — high rents and low vacancy rates in the region.

He suggests that if homeowners were thinking of selling their home but wanted to stay in the city, when they did the math, they discovered it was cheaper to stay put.

“This lack of next home lowered the motivation level of those who listed their property and thus many were willing to stand firm on their price which in turn stabilized the average sale price.”

2016 predictions

But Campbell says to expect even lower housing prices to emerge with increased motivation from November to February with more vacancies but oil prices still remaining low.

Looking into 2016, Campbell says mixed signals will continue if oil prices stay consistently below $50 and there’s no pipeline announcement — likely resulting in more downward housing prices, plus a big dive in demand for luxury homes.

He expects vacancy rates will begin to move up, which could bring rental rates down.

“This will free up the ability for more people who have listed their property to make a move into the rental market while they await more surety.”

STEP 1 – Meet agents out in their working environment, not in their offices. Good agents spend very little time at their desks.

STEP 2 – Make sure the agent has closed many properties and has worked a few years at least. You will want an agent that is willing to knock on doors that are not for sale. More closings mean more experience.

STEP 3 – Check out open houses. Don’t worry that you are not interested in that particular property. The agent knows that open houses rarely produce a buyer for that home and use the open house as a tool to find buyers.

STEP 4 – Contact the agent with whom a friend or relative worked. If this agent produced positive results for a friend, there’s a good chance they will do the same for you.

STEP 5 – Make sure your agent is online. Having a web savvy agent is very important today as over 85% of all buyers initially see their homes online. Great agents have laptops and often have moved to mobile technology to assist. A real estate agent in today’s world must email, text, and be available to buyers and sellers alike.670px-Find-a-Good-Real-Estate-Agent-Step-5

STEP 6 – Interview several agents. Whether you are looking for a buyer agent or seller agent. Remember though, agents will tell you what you want to hear. Make sure they are not selling you a dream partnership… you want to hire a realistic real estate agent. Don’t sign a buyers agreement form before looking for property (you should feel free to build trust with a real estate agent over several hours of looking before signing anything).

STEP 7 – Look for signs that the agent is busy. A hard-working, go-getter of an agent is good. Be careful, sometimes they are too busy. A real estate agent can only effectively work with about a half-dozen buyers and a dozen sellers at any given time to properly give the time needed to a buyer. If they pass you to an “assistant”, move to another agent that will give their time to you.

STEP 8 – Be sure that your agent is knowledgeable. Ask questions about things you have learned through your new-found interest in real estate. If they don’t know more than you – after all, this is her livelihood! – go on to seasoned agent. Local knowledge is particularly critical especially in city settings.
An excellent agent is the most important to you when buying a home for the first time. They should have experience and should be able to guide you through the complexities of the process including lender info that you will have to provide. The loan process has become much more demanding and complex in 2010.

STEP 9 – See how the agent’s MLS listings come up in searches. However if you wish to purchase your dream home that is not for sale it will not show up on the MLS. When listing in today’s market, all listings from small to big should have professional photos – this is the first sign of a professional real estate agent who understands today’s market.670px-Find-a-Good-Real-Estate-Agent-Step-10

STEP 10 – See how the agent’s MLS listings come up in searches. However if you wish to purchase your dream home that is not for sale it will not show up on the MLS. When listing in today’s market, all listings from small to big should have professional photos – this is the first sign of a professional real estate agent who understands today’s market.

STEP 11 – Check the references that an agent should be able to provide you. Ask the other real estate agents you interview if they know the other agent and if they respect them as a real estate agent.670px-Find-a-Good-Real-Estate-Agent-Step-11

STEP 12 – Ask your agent where they live. An agent that lives and works locally will have their finger on the pulse of the market and be able to answer important questions about the community. They should at a minimum know the schools where they work. This is especially important in large cities.

STEP 13 – Ask “Can you recommend service providers who can assist me in obtaining a mortgage, making repairs on my home, and other things I need done?” Keep in mind here that a real estate agent should generally recommend more than one provider and shouldn’t receive any compensation (ethical issues tend to arise when this happens).

STEP 14 – Ask how long the real estate agent has been working full time. It is not that newer agents aren’t capable, it just is a factor in making an informed decision. Many “experienced” agents are not always the best choice either. Especially if they haven’t kept up with technology.

STEP 15 – Ask the agent if the real estate agent is a full time agent. Is this her only job? You should demand a full time agent.670px-Find-a-Good-Real-Estate-Agent-Step-16

STEP 16 – Ask Who the agent is working for in the transaction, the buyer or the seller (a real estate agent selling a house almost always works for the seller and tend to spin things a sellers way)

STEP 17 – Ask “How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How frequently?” Using what media? Again, this is not a question with a correct answer, but that one reflects your desires.

Don’t expect an agent to call you instantly when you leave a message, but do expect a call back within 24 hours or a reasonable amount of time depending upon the situation.
Don’t call your real estate agent after hours, past 9 pm or so. They have a life too.
This is your most important transaction of your life, a seasoned real estate agent does this everyday and understands the many problems that arise during the process. Try to keep the big picture in mind.
Your house / or the house you are buying is a commodity. Supply and demand within a neighborhood play an important role in pricing and timing of a sale. Try not to become overly emotionally involved in the purchase/sale of the property.670px-Find-a-Good-Real-Estate-Agent-Step-19

STEP 19 – See a few properties in the same area on open house day, to get an idea about the house prices in your selected neighborhood. This will help to keep you from being completely blind-sided when you go to an agent.

STEP 20 – Work with a Local Market Expert. There are real estate agents who specialize in working within a specific community. Even if you have a real estate agent that you like, you might be best served by a real estate agent who knows the area well, and can advise you about any adverse local market conditions that an outsider might not be aware of.670px-Find-a-Good-Real-Estate-Agent-Step-21

STEP 21 – If you are a buyer, you want to work with a Buyers Agents (also known as a Buyer Broker.) This way you know your interests are protected in the transaction. Likewise if you are a seller, you want to work with someone that is experienced in representing the seller and securing the most qualified buyer at the best net profit for you. Not all agents are experts in working with buyers or sellers, so you need to ask specifics. Continue reading “How To Find A Good Real Estate Agent”