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We’re currently in the days of a balanced market here in Calgary, meaning having 15 offers on the first day of a listing is no longer. Ah, what a time. Although we’re no longer in a seller’s market, owners with investment properties still see plenty of light at the end of the tunnel. With that being said, tenants finding affordable rentals in Calgary are getting a bit harder to come by in cowtown. Inventory is tight, and if you’re in the rental market for something larger like a four-bedroom family house, you’re in for a bit of a battle. 


Top 4 Things To Know In Today’s Calgary Rentals Market 

Why Is Rent Increasing in Calgary?

Regarding rentals in Calgary, we have gradually seen the price of rent increase throughout 2022, especially in July and August. There are many driving factors behind this, but it’s mainly due to increasing demands, low inventory, and rising interest rates. 


The Payoff For Homeowners

Rent increases will help you cover the rise in cost for maintenance, services, property taxes, and insurance. Today, the average one-bedroom apartment rents for around 1500$ per month, compared to last year at about 1200$ per month. With rising interest rates for purchasing a home in Calgary, more people are seeing the benefits of renting. 


The Payoff for Renters

It might not feel like it, but Calgary is still affordable compared to other larger hubs in Canada, like Toronto and Vancouver. In fact, Alberta was the top inter-provincial destination in the country. More and more people are choosing to move to Alberta to take advantage of the good quality of life and its affordability (believe it or not). 


Moving Forward

Ask your current property management in Calgary for their recommended rental increase. The average days-on-the-market for rental properties is only twenty-eight days, so the competition is high – and the likelihood of your property staying empty is quite low. For renters, do not wait until the last minute to find your next home. If you know your lease is soon coming to a close, have a conversation with your property manager or landlord about a renewal. If not, be proactive and try to lock something before you get down to the wire. After all, the early bird gets the worm! 


At Unison Realty Group Ltd, we walk you through all the steps to ensure you’re getting great value. If you have questions about purchasing a condo in Calgary or already have your eye on something in the market, give our team a call today and let us help you make the best, informed decision. 

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With the ever-changing housing market, many potential tenants wonder when would be the best time to find an apartment. It leads many people to speculate if there is a month that’s the cheapest for apartment rentals in Calgary. If you have been pondering this question, our rental experts at Unison Realty Group can give you the breakdown.


What is the Average Cost of Rentals in Calgary? 

 Before we understand the best time to find your rental, we must learn the average cost of rentals in Calgary. According to a new report by, the average price for a rental property in Calgary was $1,520 in July of 2021. This year, it’s increased by 13 percent for an average of $1,797. Although Calgary ranks top 25 most expensive places to rent in Canada, it’s still just meeting the national average of $1,888 per month. We know it’s not much of a difference, but we’ll take the win! Of course, this also depends on what you’re looking for in a property. Going for a detached family house will be more costly than renting a single-bedroom apartment. So, if you’re looking to stick to a budget, consider the space you’ll actually need.



What Month is the Cheapest to Find A Rental?

The short of it is that there is no rental form of musical chairs when finding an apartment in Calgary. However, you might find some better deals in the low season. From November to January, fewer people are renting because of the holiday season, and bearing the winter storms does not make for a good moving day. It’s here where you might find something more in your price range.

It’s also important not to look too far ahead when renting. If you plan showings and call landlords 2-3 months earlier, you will run into some issues. First, most people only give one month’s notice when they plan to end their lease or vacate the property, so your options will be limited. 

Also, landlords won’t hold the property for you since they’d be losing out on rent and other eager tenants ready to move in right away. There will also be a slight peak of renters in August and September for students. So, if you’re looking for a Calgary rental in the summer months, keep your eyes open and be ready to jump on it because the competition will be real, and the number of applications will be higher than normal.


What Other Factors to Consider for Rentals?

It’s also important to pay attention to what utilities are included in your rent. For a newer apartment, heat and water are usually included. Electricity can sometimes be included as well, and if you’re lucky, they’ll toss in cable and a parking stall. For a townhouse, you’re usually looking at having to pay your utilities separately from your rent. It’s an added cost and can make your bill load feel a little heavier at the end of every month.

To help your search, calling a property management company might save you some time. Give them your search credentials and your budget, and they’ll be able to look through their portfolio to see if they have the right fit for you. A bonus? You connect with the property manager directly and develop a good rapport. They’ll be your go-to should anything go sideways in your rental, so best to get on their good side and let them know what a responsible tenant you are! 


At Unison Realty Group Ltd, we take care of your property and conduct thorough screenings to ensure your property has quality tenants. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Do you dream of having your own investment property? 


With “56%, Alberta boasts Canada’s highest home ownership rate among those aged 25 to 35”. That means the idea of having a strong asset to build your future on and generating consistent monthly income while taking advantage of today’s low-interest rates is a good one, particularly if you’re new to the industry. 


Let’s take a look at the advantages of investing in Calgary rentals and how you can start the process of investing for your future. 


What are the Advantages of Owning a Calgary Rental? 


  • Receive regular monthly income – the rent you collect, minus your expenses, means a steady, predictable flow of cash flow. You can use the extra funds to pay off your investment property. You can even use it as an Airbnb investment if you wish. 
  • Asset appreciation – There is no guarantee that your property will increase in terms of value, but historically, real estate has appreciated over time. That means you’re making money off your asset in future. 
  • Tax deduction – Play your cards right, and you can deduct specific expenses from your gross rental income. These can include property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, property management fees and even utility bills. 
  • Vacation spot – Imagine taking a few days off and enjoying a break somewhere? That’s what you can get when it comes to your new rental property. 

Suburban House


How To Buy a Calgary Rental


If you ready to take the plunge into the investment market for the first, here is how you can go about getting your dream property: 


  1. Get your finances in order – Determine what you can afford to buy, seeing if you have enough in terms of a minimal down payment (Canada’s mortgage rules dictate that you need a minimum of 20% for a small rental property) 
  2. Assemble a team of experts to assist you – You can’t do the work yourself. Bring together a real estate agent, mortgage broker, lawyer, property management company, home inspector and insurance agent. 
  3. Research what you can afford – Whether it’s a condo rental or a house in Calgary, consider what you can afford and what you can buy. 
  4. Choose your mortgage and insurance – Your rental property is a valuable asset, so it needs some financial backing to make it work. Speak to your mortgage and insurance broker to determine the best rates for your budget.
  5. Hire a property manager – If you don’t have the time to respond and manage your Calgary rental property, then leave it to a professional that can. It’s not overly expensive to bring on board a professional company. 
  6. Learn about landlord/tenant laws – Alberta has some strict landlord/tenant laws that promote fair rental practices for both sides. It’s best if you know about them so that you know what your rights and responsibilities are. 


Owning a rental property can be a lucrative proposition that secures your future. But it does take a lot of work, research and planning. If you plan to buy an investment property, take the time to ensure that the research backs your claim. 


At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Part of owning a Calgary rental is that you get to maximize your income. You have the potential to make more money while paying off the mortgage by analyzing how much rent you should charge per month. 


You can’t go over the market rate (as you’ll deter renters), and you can’t charge too low, or you’ll lose money in the short and long-term. 


Finding the middle ground is the perfect balance where you can make a steady rental income that helps your debt and gives you more financial stability. 


How do you go about finding the perfect balance? How much rent should you charge? 


This guide will help you make the right moves to secure your rental income. 


4-Step Guide To Creating Your Calgary Rental Income 


Crunch Your Numbers

Ensure that the rent you charge has enough to cover all the expenses you accumulate as a landlord. Setting too low a price means you won’t be able to pay off the mortgage, maintain the property or pay back other debts. 


As such, it’s best to calculate all the expenses that come with being a landlord, so you can determine the minimum amount you’ll need to ensure that you can securely make payments while knowing that any extra means more cashflow. 


Consider the following: 

  • Mortgage
  • Bills for heat, power and water (if you include them in the rent)
  • Maintenance and repair costs (for both the interior and exterior of the property)
  • Income and property taxes 
  • Homeowners association fees (if part of a condo or apartment complex)
  • Property management fees (if you’re using one) 
  • Home insurance 

With this foundation, you can determine the minimum you can charge and now move forward to the next step. 


Know What Your Property Can Offer 

What your property can offer in terms of lifestyle and livelihood is paramount to determining how much rent you should charge. You know your property inside and out, so you can understand what makes it an appealing option for renters. 


For example, does your property offer cool amenities, such as a pool or gym room that other properties don’t? Does your rental condo in Calgary have an in-unit washer and dryer? Is the location close to supermarkets, public transportation, highways and Downtown? Is the walkability decent for families or couples? 

City living

It’s these pointers that mark your property out as different compared to others, so make sure you find the “attention-grabbers” that will hook in future renters. 


Know Your Competition

It’s essential to take a look at what other landlords in your area are charging. Remember, they might be your neighbours, but they’re also your competition; you’re both fighting to attract renters’ attention. 


Therefore, understanding what other landlords are charging for similar properties is pivotal to use as a starting point. But you have to dig a little deeper. You have to find why they are demanding that amount for their property. 


Is it the location, the amenities, or the large backyard? See what contributes to their overall rental price, and add it to your calculations. Do you offer something more or less? If so, you’ll have to adjust your rent accordingly.


Carefully comb sites like Rentfaster, Rentals, and to a lesser extent, Kijiji to get an idea of the competition in the area. 


If finding out this information is difficult, you can also speak to industry experts with an in-depth understanding of rent prices within your area. Real estate agents or property management companies in Calgary can give you insight into your competition and guide your pricing.


Remember to check if there was a shift in price in the last couple of months within the area. You may have to do the same to remain relevant in the rental market game. 


Check Track of Rental Laws 

While you’ll love to charge any rental amount you want, you can’t do it. Some provinces have limits to monthly increases, security deposits and late fees. Rent control laws exist to ensure that there is support for both renters and landlords. 


It’s best to double-check with the Alberta government on the laws regarding rental properties, security deposits and income. You can click here for more information.  


 At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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As Life in Calgary Magazine stated, “Calgary is ranked among the world’s cleanest, healthiest and safest cities in numerous international studies, and is a global leader for overall quality of life.”


Therefore, you can see why plenty of people move to live in Calgary. You could also understand why with such demands and an extensive array of options, it can be challenging to find homes to rent in Calgary – particularly if you are looking for cost-effective, affordable alternatives. 


However, with the right process, you will be able to narrow down your search. Utilizing our extensive guide below can find you affordable houses to rent in Calgary.  


Figuring Out the Parameters of Your Calgary Rentals Search 


  • Draw up a budget and calculate how much you have to pay in rent. Depending on how many bedrooms you want in a house, as well as amenities, your rent will vary. According to, in July 2020, the average rental cost of a 1-bedroom property in Calgary was $1092, a two-bedroom property was $1335, and a three-bedroom property was $1420. With this foundation, you have a general idea of what you are expected to pay for rent. 
  • You should also follow along with the 30% rule, where you “shouldn’t spend more than 30% of our gross (pre-tax) income on rent“. This will safeguard against you struggling to afford your living expenses. 
  • Keep your house rentals near your work, children’s school, or at least close to public transport. You want your rental house to be located somewhere that will be convenient, saving you time in transport and money. It should be noted that you shouldn’t necessarily rent a property that is ideally located but above the 30% rule. 
  • Also, note down the amenities that you would like in your house. Do you want a yard or to be close to malls and local stores? Making a list can help narrow down your search. 
  • If you are struggling, contacting a property management company in Calgary can be beneficial as they will assist you with your search. 


Methods for Finding Rentals in Calgary 


With a firm foundation of what you would like to have in a rental home and what you can afford, you can begin to apply these methods. 

  • Begin your search online to get a sense of property values in your ideal areas. As there are a lot of different rental search engines available, alongside property management search options, you can narrow your search based on your parameters. 
  • Speak to friends, family and colleagues about available options that they might know about. You will be surprised to find that lots of people know of somewhere that’s available. 
  • Go old school by looking up print media options. Newspapers, for example, often have listings. However, they will not have as many listings compared to websites. 
  • Don’t rely solely on the Internet to find your rental property. While online sites are useful in terms of getting information and guiding you, they are not entirely reliable. Contacting a real estate agent or a Calgary property management company can help locate the best properties for you while providing more insight and information. 

Deciding on The Right Calgary Rental for You


  • Consider the length and details of the rental contract. Make sure the agreement is what you want and something that you can afford. If there are any questions, make sure you ask the landlord, property manager or real estate agent. 
  • Also, consider the reputation and name of the landlord or property manager. You want to make sure you know you’re in good hands and not with controlling owners.  
  • Does it have a few of the amenities you would like? While it might be challenging to get everything you want, having a few homely perks can really make your choice simpler. 
  • As much as you would like to find a house to rent in Calgary, you can always opt for apartments or condos. They might be significantly cheaper and can save you money in the long-term. 

If you would like more information on what to look for in rentals in Calgary, please check out our extensive list.


At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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When looking for a Calgary rental property, it is important to select the best option for your current situation. No two homes are created equal, and choosing the wrong property can have lasting effects, especially if you are engaged in a multi-year lease.


Therefore, consider these options when hunting for Calgary rentals:


7 Ways to Determine the Best Calgary Rental Property



     1.  Location


Location is easily the most relevant option for most seeking Calgary rentals. If you are too far from work the commute can become expensive and taxing. 



     2.  Rental Payments


Another important consideration is the cost of the rent. Even if the monthly rent is within your budget, it can become exuberant when factoring in utilities like heat, water, and electricity. A good rule of thumb is that your lodging cost should not exceed 30% of your annual salary. 



     3.  Parking Availability



If you own a vehicle, it can be difficult to find properties in the inner city that have a parking spot. This can be detrimental, and it may result in renting a spot for your vehicle.


Rentals Calgary


     4.  Condo Fees


This item is, of course, specific to condominiums. Some condo boards will raise the prices for living as time goes on, and can make the rental property a frustrating back and forth experience. 



     5.  Pet Allowances


If you have a furry friend it is important to make sure they are welcome in your new home. Many landlords have issues with pets being in the home, so make sure you declare them before entering into a rental agreement.



     6.  Water Receptacles


Having the right number of water receptacles at a property can be essential, especially if you are living with roommates. Nobody wants to wait for a shower or hot water, so make sure you have a comfortable number of water receptacles. 



     7.  Square Footage


Any space can be comfortable and cozy with the right mindset, but if you are moving into a smaller home than your current living situation, make sure all of your belongings will fit prior to the move.  



At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.


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What benefits does a furnished apartment include? The most significant advantage is that it costs much less to stock your apartment because it already comes with all of the necessities. With a Calgary furnished rental, you don’t have to worry about as much.

Furnished Rentals Are Good for Travelers

Let’s say that you plan to live in Calgary for a short time such as six months to a year. In those cases, it doesn’t make sense to go out and buy a new bed and a refrigerator because you will have to leave it behind soon after. A property management Calgary company can help you to find a furnished apartment that will meet your needs for your short stay in the city.

Furnished Rentas Are Less Expensive

Instead of having to buy everything right away, a property management company can hook you up with a furnished apartment so that you don’t have to pay as much right away. You can slowly accumulate your own furniture and appliances over time until you are ready to move into an unfurnished rental or perhaps buy a house.

Furnished Rentals Are Perfect for Procrastinators

Furnished apartments are great because you don’t have to worry about going out and buying everything for your house. A Calgary rentals company that has furnished rental options eliminates the wasted time from your busy schedule, especially when you’d rather be doing anything other than furniture shopping.

Furnished Rentals Don’t Require an Extensive Move

Another advantage of rental companies that offer furnished rentals is that you don’t have to move everything from your current place. After all, it doesn’t make sense to have two of everything in your new home. In most cases, you might find it beneficial to leave old furniture behind — especially if you plan to stay in your new place for a while.

If you’d like to learn more about furnished rentals, you should speak with a property management company in Calgary. They can help you find the perfect hassle-free furnished property.

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Furnished apartments offer many advantages if you’re planning to stay for a limited period of time. One significant advantage is that they are ready to move into because they are already set up. However, this can also be a bit of a disadvantage because it can feel like moving into someone’s house. Use these tips to make short-term furnished rentals feel like home.

Buy Small Things for Calgary Rentals

Throw blankets, bedding, and pillows are a great way to add a personal touch to furnished or unfurnished rentals. You can make your own or buy ones you like without spending too much.

Hang Curtains in Unfurnished Rentals

Curtains give Calgary rentals a homey touch. Pick a colour and pattern that you like, then make sure it matches the existing décor.

Bring in Colour

Pick a colour scheme when purchasing items. Curtains, pillows, blankets, and other decorative pieces are ideal ways to transform furnished rentals to fit your preferred colour palette.

Embrace Wall Art for Furnished Rentals

Pictures, paintings, mirrors, and canvases are perfect for personalizing a space; hanging your art makes a space your own. Feel free to replace any art already hanging in a furnished rental, just take note of where it was so you can return it before you leave.

Hide Features of a Furnished Rental

You may not like all the furnishings in Calgary rentals. It’s easy to update the look and makes it more your own by temporarily covering or replacing certain items. For example, you can use a sofa cover, replace the knobs in the kitchen or bathroom, or use temporary wallpaper to cover cabinets. Again, make sure to change everything back before you leave.

Unfurnished rentals let you set up the space the way you want, but with these tips, it’s easy to make a furnished rental feel like home.

Finding the right rental home takes time and energy, but there are rentals available to fit all kinds of budgets and household types. Make your search more efficient with these steps for how to find the perfect Calgary rentals.

Figure Out What You can Pay for Calgary Furnished

Make a budget and determine what you can afford to pay for rent every month. In general, the recommendation is to spend no more than 30 percent of your income on rent. Remember to budget for additional housing expenses as well, like utilities, Internet, and laundry.

Create a Needs and Wants List for Calgary Rentals

Figure out what you actually need in Calgary furnished rentals and what would be nice to have. Rank the optional features so you have a good idea of what you’re willing to give up to gain the property with the best set of features for you.

Map Your Day to Narrow Down a Location

Look at where you spend your time in the city, including where you work and where you like to hang out. Is it important to be close to these places? Are there other places, like grocery stores, you want to be close to? How do you get around town? Answering questions like these help you find a good location for Calgary rentals.

Choose Your Rental Type

Decide whether you want an apartment, townhouse, accessory unit, or single-family home with a rental property management company. Also, decide whether you want a furnished or unfurnished rental unit.

Apply with a Property Management Company

Once you find a rental you like, apply to rent the property with the rental property management company. They’ll check your background and negotiate your lease terms.

Whether you’re looking for Calgary furnished rentals or unfurnished rentals, following these steps helps you find the perfect rental unit.

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs. We’ll handle what you don’t want and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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Home may be where the heart is but it’s often hard to feel at home when you’re living in a rental unit, particularly for a short period of time. Creating a space that feels like home is possible, though, with a little effort and creativity. Consider these five ways to decorate Calgary rentals this spring to make them feel like home.

1. Set Up Calgary Furnished Rentals for Use

How much you live in a space makes a big difference between feeling like it’s home or just another room. Make Calgary rentals more than a place to sleep at night by improving the utility of the space. Add things that make it more fun to cook, increase the coziness, and create a leisurely living space.

2. Use Colour and Light to Make Executive Rentals Your Own

Colour and light go a long way toward establishing a decorative aesthetic. Create a colour scheme with wall hangings and décor, and add plenty of light to each room to make them feel inviting.

3. Think Beyond with Furnished Rentals

Just because your stay in Calgary executive rentals is temporary doesn’t mean everything in it needs to be temporary. Invest in a few items you’ll want in future homes.

4. Add Life to Calgary Rentals

Bring a splash of the outdoors into Calgary furnished rentals with fresh spring flowers or potted plants. Fresh herbs grown in a windowsill make a great addition to the kitchen.

5. Match the Mismatched in Rental Units

If you aren’t in Calgary furnished rentals, you probably have a mismatched collection of furnishings for your rental unit. Use small DIY projects, like adding a fresh coat of paint or finding a slipcover, to create a more coherent set of furnishings.

There are many things to think about when considering where to live. The price of rent, proximity to shopping centres, crime rates, and area schools are just a few of the things to consider. If you’re looking for a place to call home in Calgary, check out these three up and coming neighbourhoods for Calgary rentals.

1. Calgary Executive Rentals in Bowness

Near the Bow River and north of downtown lies the neighbourhood of Bowness. Recent beautification efforts are turning this community into a hotspot for academics and professionals looking for Calgary executive rentals close to the University. The lovely Bowness Park is a favourite spot for accessing the Bow River.

2. Furnished Rentals in Renfrew

It seems that everyone wants to live in Bridgeland, but those looking for more affordable Calgary rentals should consider Renfrew. Just up the hill from Bridgeland, this community hasn’t yet reached the same level of hype and offers many options for both buyers and renters. It’s within walking distance of Bridgeland, so you can look for Calgary furnished rentals in Renfrew and still enjoy the delightful shops, parks, and cafes of the neighbouring community. Plus, you can find some excellent restaurants and brunch spots along the Edmonton Trail.

3. Calgary Rentals in Currie Barracks

A former military base is now a growing neighbourhood in Calgary. Currie Barracks has strong connections with history mixed with a new urbanism reflected in the sustainable community design. The area features a mix of residential, office, retail, and recreational facilities along with themed parks and monuments to remember the area’s legacy. Look for Calgary furnished rentals here if you appreciate the feel of an urban village.

If you’re looking for Calgary executive rentals, consider checking out these three up and coming neighbourhoods. They each have great characteristics that appeal to many people and offer different opportunities to renters.

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you in a location that fits your needs.We’ll handle what you don’t want and you’ll enjoy the benefits.


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When you need a rental property, one of the first questions you might ask is whether you want a furnished or unfurnished rental. Both options have pros and cons, so the decision is usually a personal one depending on your situation. Here’s a look at furnished and unfurnished rentals to help you decide which will best meet your needs for Calgary rentals.

Furnished Rentals Calgary

Equipped with basic furniture and appliances, Calgary furnished rentals make moving easier because the large items are already there. You also save money because you don’t have to buy furniture. This saves a lot of money initially if you don’t have furniture already, but also saves money long term because you don’t need to replace things that wear out. One of the biggest benefits of Calgary furnished rentals  is flexibility. If you’re looking for a short term lease or need to relocate on short notice, a furnished rental makes the process easier.

Unfurnished Rentals Calgary

A more common option, Calgary unfurnished rentals usually include only the major appliances and perhaps a washer and dryer. They are a great choice if you enjoy decorating and making your space your own. They also tend to have lower rent and liability because you’re just renting the space, not all the furniture. This gives you greater flexibility for finding a place to live that fits in your budget.

Choosing Calgary Rentals

oth furnished and unfurnished rentals Calgary have benefits depending on your situation. If you are looking for a short term rental with an easy move, then a furnished rental is probably best. If you already have furniture or want greater flexibility regarding location and price, then an unfurnished rental might be best.

Start searching for Calgary rentals by choosing between a furnished or unfurnished rental and get the unit you want to meet your needs.

At Unison Realty Group Ltd. we will find the perfect rental for you. Let us handle what you don’t want to, and you just enjoy the benefits.


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A good rental property can provide a steady flow of extra income, but it can also be a real pain. Managing a rental property yourself forces you to deal with evictions, bug infestations, broken toilets, and all kinds of headaches. Unfortunately, working with an inexperienced property management company doesn’t make things better, and may make the situation worse. Protect your rental property by finding an experienced Calgary property management company.

Questions to Ask Property Management Companies

As you begin to look at property management companies, make sure you are getting an experienced company who can handle the demands of your rental property. Here are some questions to ask when considering a company:

  • How many years of experience do you have managing rental properties?
  • What types of properties do you manage the most?
  • How many Calgary rentals are you currently managing?
  • How many people work for your company?
  • How do you handle after-hours emergencies?
  • What’s your process for finding good tenants?
  • How do you advertise vacancies?
  • How do you show properties?
  • How do you handle evictions?
  • How will you improve the profit margin on my Calgary rentals?
  • How do you control maintenance costs?
  • What is your fee structure?
  • Are you licensed as a property management company?
  • What kind of liability insurance do you carry?

Experienced Calgary Property Management

In addition to the above questions, you’ll want to get at least three references to talk to about the property management companies. Experienced companies are a valuable asset because they not only save you a lot of trouble but with their connections and expertise, they usually get the job done in the most efficient manner. Protect your property from inexperienced managers by working with a professional Calgary property management company.

Unison Realty is a full-service property management company dedicated to preserving your rental and the stress of being a landlord.

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Turning your home into a rental property is often attractive for a number of reasons. Maybe you want to sell your home, but don’t think you can get a good value. Perhaps you inherited a second home or want a rental property to supplement your income. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to get your home ready to rent. Here are some tips for turning your home into a furnished Calgary rental.

Look for Insurance for a Furnished Calgary Rental

Regular homeowner’s insurance is generally not enough if you plan to rent the property. Look for a homeowner’s insurance policy for renters that covers potential injury to tenants and provides reimbursement for lost rental income.

Get Rental Property Permits

A permit is required for a residential property to serve as a furnished Calgary rental. Usually a local government inspector will check the house for safety concerns before issuing the permit.

Perform Repairs and Upgrades to Calgary Rentals

Getting your home in good shape adds value and makes Calgary rentals more appealing to potential tenants. Don’t spend too much, but make sure the home is clean and freshly painted. Consider replacing things that look severely dated.

Determine the Rental Rate

Add up your costs, including setting aside money for repairs, and what you’d like for a monthly profit. Then compare your desired rental rate to other Calgary rentals in your area that are similar in size to see if your rate is competitive.

Consider Rental Property Management

If you don’t live close to your rental property or would rather not deal with the headaches of being a landlord, consider hiring a rental property management company. They take care of the paperwork, repairs, and communication, as well as collecting rent from your tenants. Rental property management gives you the benefits of renting your property without the hassles.

Unison Realty is dedicated to helping you find your next home. We offer property management and home staging services to attract the right tenants and keep your property looking it’s best!

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Owning a rental property is a lot of work, but can be a worthwhile investment. A rental property management company saves you a lot of time and hassle, but here are ten additional features that can make you more money on your unfurnished rentals in Calgary.

Top Ten Features of Calgary Rentals

  • Neighborhood – The location of the rental influences how often you face vacancies and the type of tenants you attract.
  • Schools – Calgary rentals near decent schools are likely to have a higher property value.
  • Property taxes – These are not standard. It may be worth paying higher taxes for a rental in a nice neighborhood, but that’s not always the case.
  • Crime – Low crime rates make neighborhoods better places to live, and reduce the risk you’ll have to pay for damage due to vandalism.
  • Job market – A thriving job market increases the demand for housing, meaning more opportunity for tenants.
  • Amenities – Parks, gyms, movie theaters, and other perks tend to attract potential tenants if they are close to your Calgary rentals.
  • Future development – An area with good growth is likely to attract tenants, but too much new housing provides competition.
  • Listings and vacancies – A low number of listings and vacancies for a particular area allows you to raise rental rates.
  • Rent – The average rent of an area should be enough to cover your rental property’s mortgage payment and other expenses.
  • Natural disasters – Rental properties in areas not prone to natural disasters have less insurance to carry, which tends to make them more profitable.

Work with a Rental Property Management Company

A rental property management company promotes and maintains your rental property. This not only saves you a lot of headaches, but is an efficient and effective way to get the most out of your unfurnished rentals in Calgary.

Unison Realty is dedicated to helping you find your next home. We offer property management and home staging services to attract the right tenants and keep your property looking it’s best!

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Hiring a competent property manager or a rental property management company can make your task of renting easier and smoother. Experienced real estate analysts and property management companies can have a fair knowledge about the market value, current real estate scenario, and the real value for your investment. Here are some top advantages of using a professional residential and rental property management company.

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unfurnished-rental-calgaryYou will have many things to consider if you are getting ready to move. You will have to decide on the town, the utility companies, the school systems and more. Another thing that you will have to consider before you move is whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished property. The following are the advantages of renting either one:

Only One Price for Renting Furnished Properties

One benefit to renting a furnished property is that you only have to pay one price for everything. The furniture, utility bills and Internet bills are often included in the furnished price. That arrangement is a stress-free and organized arrangement. Many renters work on tight budgets. Having the complete price available is perfect if you are such a renter.

Nothing to Move When You Leave Furnished Properties

Another excellent benefit of renting a furnished property is that you do not have to move a bunch of items when it is time for you to go. You only have to move light baggage and clothing items. A furnished apartment provides you with peace of mind.

Rent Is Cheaper for an Unfurnished Apartment

An unfurnished apartment rental has perks of its own like cheaper monthly rent. You can rent an unfurnished apartment that is closer to the budget than a furnished apartment is. You could occupy an unfurnished apartment and then add furniture to it when the funds are available. There is no pressure for you to rush to set up the home in other words.

You Can Arrange an Unfurnished Apartment Your Way

An unfurnished apartment is flexible, meaning that you can arrange it any way that you like. You can create any mood or arraignment that fits your overall vision. You are not confined to the wallpaper, paint, furniture and style that has been set up in a furnished home.

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